November is American Diabetes Month

At Oxygen Plus and throughout the United States, November is Diabetes awareness and education month for our employees & clients. We are paying special attention to the products and care that our diabetic clients need and request. We have re-educated our staff on the diabetic products and services that we provide and have rehearsed our demonstrations & safety procedures. For more information on Diabetes awareness, read more information at diabetes article.


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Why is home oxygen prescribed? If your lungs are not getting enough oxygen to your blood your doctor may prescribe oxygen. You may be suffering from what is called hypoxemia. Breathing oxygen increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, usually reduces shortness of breath and other related symptoms. This helps increase survival and protects your heart.

The air you breathe every day contains about 20% oxygen. The oxygen you will receive at home is close to 100% pure oxygen. Because of its purity you do need a prescription. Oxygen is not addictive and causes no side effects when used as prescribed. Your doctor will prescribe a specific amount of oxygen that is right for you. Some people may need to use supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day, while others may only need upon exertion or sleep.

Will insurance cover treatment? Not all insurance carriers cover this treatment. In some cases as long as the patient qualifies for treatment by means of blood tests then insurance will cover most of the cost. It is recommended that the patient checks with the insurance company first to make sure.

What kind of equipment is necessary?
Usually an oxygen concentrator is prescribed. The concentrator is an electric oxygen delivery system about the size of a large suitcase. The concentrator extracts some of the air from the room and separates the oxygen from the gases in the air. Oxygen is then delivered to you through a nasal cannula.
Who delivers it and provides service? Usually a medical equipment company can deliver and service your equipment. They will provide the concentrator, tanks for backup, instruction, emergency services and handle the billing to your insurance company.

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Breathe easy Michigan!

OxygenPlus in Saline, MI is the beginning of a business that will allow residents of Michigan to “breathe easy”. Our Durable Medical Equipment company specializes in oxygen, home oxygen, oxygen therapy, oxygen supplies, cpaps, and bipaps. OxygenPlus supplies hospital beds, scooters, wheelchairs, nebulizers, diabetic supplies, rollators, and most other medical assistance equipment.


We are much more than your normal Durable Medical Equipment company. We feature a unique Women’s Boutique which offers a comfortable, quiet and individualized alternative to shopping for necessary health products like mastectomy bras, breast prosthesis, cancer wigs, compression therapy, and more. The staff will help you find the products and styles that you need. Fittings are done in a private room by a certified fitter.


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Oxygen Plus is your local medical equipment supply company with a real interest in what you have to say and how you feel. Allow us to make your day easier by helping you find the right tools to make your home safer, your bed more comfortable, and your trip to the store more enjoyable. If you wish, we can deliver the items you need directly to your home free of charge. We are a Medicare and Medicaid approved provider of home medical equipment and supplies. From diabetic test strips to women's mastectomy supplies, our qualified staff will take the time to help you find the best item for your needs.